The Killing of Joan Ellis

These are only my notes as I prepare my book. Some stuff I will use some I will not. I've never written a book or even had the desire to write a book. But I cannot, will not stay silent any longer while these people get away with murder. The law may shield them but I have a voice and Cory Digs says, your voice is your weapon, USE IT!  USE YOUR VOICE! If the Truth is on your side, the Lord is on your side!

I hope my sister writes a book as well. We're both eye witnesses and victims. 

My name is James M. Ellis. I'm 56 year old. I'm a US Navy vet. I was an Electronics Technician 3rd class Petty Officer. Went to work in the family business upon leaving the military, mainly dealing with computers. Attended University of Monticello, where I received my BS degree in Computer Information Systems. Alphi Chi member. I've been married for 33 years to my wife Beverly. I have two children of my own and one adopted son, all are grown and doing well in their lives, and my wife and I are currently raising two grand children. That's it, nothing special, just your typical ordinary citizen. 


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When mother left Baptist Hospital at the end of Feburary 2017, we were told she HAD to go to a rehab center. Her children would not be allowed to care for her. So we agreed just to get her out of there. The rehab center was Belleview Estates in Monticello, Ar. Mother was only there three days. Really only two days. She checked in at about 10:00 pm on Friday March 3rd 2017, She was rushed out by ambulance, called by myself, to Drew Memorial Hospital on Sunday March 5th 2017 at about 9:00 AM.  When we left Baptist, they gave us papers to give the Rehab center.  **record** 

The very first instruction in the orders Baptist sent to Belleview was to call for help if ANY changes occur in mothers condition. We made a copy of these papers before we gave it to Belleview. **Belleview papers from Baptist**

So we get there late because Baptist had canceled mother's CT scan the day she was discharged. Belleview would not accept mother unless she had a CT scan! So Baptist cancels a required CT scan and we're forced to go to Drew Memorial to get a CT scan before she can be accepted. Once the CT is completed we take mother to Belleview and get her settled for the night.  The next day, Saturday March 6th 2017, we ask if mother can go home for the day and they said sure. So we took mother home, where she was walking, taking, playing on iPad, **video** My brother Mark and I take mother back to Belleview about 10:00 pm. Sunday March 5th 2017 my brother Mark gores out to Belleview before I do. I leave about 8 or 9:00 am. When I get there, I walk into mothers room and she laying in the bed having a seizure! A fucking seizure! My brother Mark is there and he's in a panic, he said the nurse overseeing mother informed him that it was no problem that mother was having a seizure, she said that when mother 'finished' having her seizure she would just go to sleep. Can you believe that! So apparently mother had already had one seizure, maybe two and according to my brother, when the seizure stopped mother started this unnatural snore. I look at the nurse and I scream at her to call a fucking ambulance! This rehab, Belleview Rehab in Monticello, would have let my mother lay there and die if we hadn't shown up and called the ambulance ourselves! The first instruction from Baptist was to call for help, They FAILED. Nobody called for help, they stood there just watching her, mouth full of food of some sort, I grab mother and I'm holding her while I'm screaming at the nurse to get help. All of a sudden in walk to house keeping orderlies, 2 of them. and they ORDER everyone out of the room so they could change mother's bed!  Right in the middle of a medical emergency house keeping maids walk in an order everyone out of the room! WTH  So who knows what they were covering up! 
Mother leaves Belleview and goes to Drew Memorial Hospital.  A few weeks later we come back to get of copy of mother's records. The NEW administrator, the old one is now GONE but I still have her tape. The new administrator refuses to give me my mother medical records, even after I got the documents they requested! Turns out Belleview has sent mother's medical records to a lawyer in Fayettville! WTH So Belleview has hired a lawyer against us and all we trying to do is get a copy of her records.(They know they didn't something wrong! She was only there for 3 days, 2 days really it your counting hours! They fucked up and they know it, They sent mother's records off and refused to them to us.
One lousy day my mother was there and they were going to let her die there from a seizure had the family not intervened. These are the kind of people working there, caring for your love ones, if you still love them. We have several audio tape from Belleview Rehab from the people who worked there, and they are not good. **audio**  **audio** **audio**   

 We tried getting a lawyer! I don't even want to get into lawyers at this time. Belleview was negligent in Joan Ellis' care. 

The one thing I learned from all  of this is medical professionals are liars supreme! They will lie to your face, either straight up bald face lies, or lies of omission. Never trust the work of a doctor, unless he's your father, brother, or a family member who actually does care about you. Because ole doctor or BS Hospital doesn't give a rats ass about you or your family! They will leave your loved one suffering with the pain of an axe in your head, for over 6 hours! Mean while the bleed that caused the stroke is getting bigger and bigger. 26 hours AFTER my mother had a stroke they had to do brain surgery! 


We live in a fuck up world where people don't give a rats ass about anyone but themselves!

Drew Memorial Hospital, mother gets to DMH  from Belleview having seizures. They take her into the ER and first thing they want to do is incubate her, insert a breathing tube. Mother does not want the breathing tube! She's fighting them! But they force it in her. They tell us they cannot stop mothers seizures and she has to go back to Baptist in Little Rock. The family requests she go some where else, not Baptist! But they say she has to go to Baptist! So we ride all the way to Little Rock, with mother having a seizure the entire time!! We get into the ER at Baptist and they stop her seizures immediately with Propofol. So apparently DMH does not has Propofol to help a patient who is in a state of seizure! My sister asked DMH id they keep Propofol on hand for such cases and they call the law on her for asking questions. You cannot even ask a question from these people. Baptist same way. So beware of DMH if seizures are involved!  

They don't even have Propofol to stop a seizure. Mother had to leave DMH in an ambulance and ride all the way to little rock while having a seizure because DMH said they could not stop her seizures!  Sounds like DMH has been talking to Dr. Richard Pellegrino. 

When mother gets to Baptist ER, they give her Propofol and her seizures stop!  

After Baptist Health ER doctor stops mothers seizures, he recommended taking mother OFF the ventilator, The ER doctor also ordered an occupational therapist and a speech therapists for mother!  The ER Doctor was fully expecting mother to be fine. 

When mother left the ER at Baptist ..  ************ puts her into a coma!  WTF   

(NOTE) Baptist ER 

There was no reason for this Hospital to take away my Power of Attorney over my mothers care.  Imagine yourself in that situation. You've done nothing but try to help your mother, worried sick, the hospitals own nurses  come to you and tell you of negligence committed against your mother, so now your suspicious, looking at every detail, asking questions. The Hospital did not like us asking questions.  The hospital then tells you your POA right have been stripped, and you cannot make any decisions concerning your own mothers care. WTH   This woman, this doctor, Dr. Wife, called my little brother and started harassing him,. She told my brother that Baptist Health Hospital was not going to allow my sister Sharon to make any decisions concerning our mother's health. My brother tried to explain to her that the family had already agreed that Sharon and myself would handle all mother's medical related decisions. The woman, Dr. Wife, would not listen to him, and she upset him so much he ended up hanging up the phone on her! This woman was attempting to cause conflict within the family. 

After they stole my POA what care did they give her! What did they do with it!  NOTHING! The hospital administrator is on tape saying as much! He says "We don't have any recovery Care!  **audio**  The Chief of clinical affairs at Baptist Health Hospital says they have NO recovery care in their hospital!  WTH They are going to do nothing but let her lay there until her insurance expires. And they did. 

We reported them to the police. Sharon went to the police station in Little Rock on 4-7-17 and reported the hospital was starving our mother. An incident report was created. But the incident report has been changed!  Somebody with access to Police incident reports changed Sharon's incident report on 4-25-17. Says right on the incident report. Now the incident report Sharon created on 4-7-17 is full of lies. Hospital lying, police lying, medical examiners lying. And for what? If mother was in such bad condition why is everyone lying? Deputy prosecutor say it's not credible that's all these people are lying. Then he hangs up the phone or thought he did and starts making comments his self. **audio** Why is the judge in my lawsuit against the medical examiner pulling "fast ones" on me. I have no lawyer, cannot find a decent human being to help, so I'm doing this on my own, and the judge, according to the deputy prosecutor is pulling fast ones on me, why! You know why!  I don't even need to tell you why. You know why.



I cannot find the results of the blood work done before they did surgery on mother on 2-8-17 that shows mother was good to have surgery. I can't find any blood work done on her that shows her platelets are in good working condition. In fact, just a few days after mother was left to suffer a stroke for 6+ hours, the neuro surgeon Dr. Young Guy, finds out mothers platelets are dysfunctional! We're trying to find out why mothers head started bleeding, regular docs all say "We don't know". 

But now Dr Neuro Surgeon found out why. Check the record below, says Joan Ellis' platelets were dysfunctional. Her PLATELETS WERE DYSFUNCTIONAL! Do you know the job of platelets? Whats the date, 2-12-17, 4 days after her carotid artery Dr. Neuro discovers mothers platelets are dysfunctional. I want to see the blood work that show her platelets were good and she was good for surgery. According to the record below UNFORTUNATELY our machine is BROKEN! The Hospital could not even test her blood. What did they use on 2-8-17 before they cut her open?  Was the Platelet machine broken on 2-8-17 or did they just not bother with checking them...Mother never should have been cut on! They knew better.

I'm not saying my mother was in perfect health, she was 77 years old, and she did have some history of clogged arteries. Do anyone think the hospital would come to the family and say oh we screwed up, we're sorry, we made a mistake, no, they will do their very best, using every tool available top them to hid and cover up the truth. We have Doctors on tape lying for crying out loud! Doctors disappearing! Lies Lies Lies. But, nothing wrong with lying according to Chief crime lab dude! He's a doctor and he says he does not know what to do when a perso"she's on her way out, and that's a good thing". FROM A NURSE! A person who swore an oath.

Why would a hospital take a person's Power of Attorney.  I cannot come up with a plausible reason why my Power of Attorney was stolen from me unless they wanted to kill her. Why was my POA stolen. They stole my POA  Simply because I did not want to kill my mother, they did. It did not even have to go before a court. The Hospital, on their own, can strip you of your rights and do as they please! 

Let's consider a hypothetical situation. --  

A man goes into the hospital to have surgery. Normally, before anyone is cut open, blood work is done to see if the person can even have surgery. Blood work is the determining factor in elective surgeries. But let's say the hospitals Platelet Machine was broken and they could not test the man's blood, but they do the surgery anyway... 
Doctors comes out and says everything went great but patient starts having vision problems, then hearing problems. Lets not worry about that, send him on to his room. Man gets in his room and has a stroke. Severe pain, described as an axe in his head. the Nurse calls the doctor, nothing, two hours later nurse calls the doctor again, nothing again. Another two hours later nurse calls doctors AGAIN! 6 hours after stroke.
You start asking questions, the hospital see's whats happening and they stripped away the families right to do anything to help their loved one. Then they put the man into a coma and leave him to die all while lying to the family. 

When the politicians in Little Rock passed the Arkansas Health Care Decisions Act  of 2014, do you think it was their intention to use this LAW to steal the Power of Attorney away from honest caring families, without cause, without reason, then use it to kill/murder their loved ones. Was that the intent of the Arkansas State Capital. 

I'm going to write a book. My beautiful mother was a registered nurse for 40+ years. Worked in many hospitals and nursing facilities. She was an administrator. A REAL nurse! Brought many lives into the world, save many doctors from their own mistakes. 

The hospital is going to deny doing anything wrong, even with proof otherwise. They'll hire their own doctor to say nothing happened, they'll pay off the deputy prosecutor, or be ordered to cover it up. I'm only warning fellow Arkansans, fellow POOR Arkansans. They only do this crap to the poor to people who don't have the money to fight them. If your a poor piss ant, they will step all over you! If you can stay away from this place! I know that many poor people have no option but to go there. I know when your hurting all that matters is the hurt stops, things like where you go doesn't matter. Be careful with yourself and your loved ones.

Baptist put mother in a coma because she was having a seizure!?! That's the standard medical practice when a person has a seizure, put them in a coma and leave them to die. Put her into a coma as soon as she left the ER, where the ER doctor claims mother is no longer having seizures, recommends wining mother off the ventilator, and calls in speech therapists! Why would he do this? **RECORD** 

But then Dr.Richard Pellegrino got his clinical research hands on our mother, starts rubbing his chin, pondering. Bastard. And this man, this Doctor who asked myself and my sister Sharon to kill our mom because he says "he cannot stop her seizures".  **AUDIO**
This man does not even treat people with seizures, he outsources all his seizure patients to some other guy. But he telling myself and my sister we need to kill our mother because he cannot stop her seizures. My sister called his office, spoke to his secretary, she's the one who told us Pellegrino does not do seizure patients. I believe she recorded that one.. **audio**  This is why the man disappeared, this is why we never heard from him again. You'd think a lawyer would have a field day with this, not in Arkansas.

We're not the only people calling the people liars. We have an audio recording of the Administrator of Belleview Rehab Center in Monticello. The administrator and her head nurse saying this same woman, Dr Wife, the one who called a meeting to strip the family of the rights over mothers care, is a liar. And according to the Chief State Medical Examiner my sister spoke with, Doctors lying to family members is not a crime. He's wrong. Just another person covering for his friends. **audio**  **audio**

People know whats going on but nobody cares that people are being murdered, police, politicians, lawyers, even other family members don't care. I shouldn't say nobody cares, I'm sure there are some people who care, but they cannot do anything about it, anyone who can do something about it doesn't care. Or they care more about their job cause if they step out of line...... just asked the nurse who informed our family of negligence committed against our mother. She's GONE. Rehab Admin - GONE. Robert T Buchanan - GONE. I wouldn't be surprised if the depute prosecutor who got himself caught lying on the phone is sent packing as well.   

However, he's already written in the records that mother is no longer having seizures. I think I've already told this but, once this man departed the care of my mother, a new neurologist came on, and he was quite different then the other one. We asked why mother was on over 8,000+ milligrams of seizure medication and she's not even having seizures?  **record**  They would not even answer the question. Once the new neurologist came on, we told the man, take her OFF the seizure medications! She's not having seizures!  WTF!  This new doctor AGREED with us. Yes, let's take her off these medications, "good idea" he says and lets see what happens! WHAT A NOVEL IDEA. So mother is taken off the 8000 mg of seizure meds, and lo and behold, mother starts waking up! She's opened her eyes! We all excited, and the Baptist Health social worker, mother's so-called patient advocate comes into the room with Baptist Health's head of Security. What's the head of security doing in my mothers room? That's another paragraph or two. But two of Baptist's own employees come into mother's ICU room after she is taken off the 8000+ mg of seizure medications and they state what a 180 degree difference it made getting her off the medications. Why are we having to tell the doctors to take mother off these drugs? Dr.Administrator claims Sharon is trying to RUN his ICU. But the new neurologist says its a good idea to take mother off the seizure meds. They were using seizure meds to keep mother sedated. Their own people even recognized this. My sister was present in the room when both of these people made their comments. Recorded?  **record**.

But this joy did not last. Once we got mother off the seizures meds, oh Dr. Husband comes walking back into her room! Same ole Dr. Husband we already FIRED off mothers case. We went to the Hospital Administration multiple time requesting / demanding this man be removed from her care.  AND HE WAS.  But when mother woke up, he came back stating some BS claim she he was there to look at her HEART! My sister Sharon told him hell NO.
My sister Told this man to leave our mother's heart ALONE.  Sharon told him, mothers not had ANY problems with her heart through this entire ordeal, WHY do you want to start screwing with her heart now? He did not. They started screwing around with mothers blood pressure, after we have already fired this guy, and told him to leave her alone. He started giving mother the drugs, CIPROFLOXACIN, DIGOXIN, and AMIDOARONE. All at the same time. Any idea what these three drugs do when given at the same time? Baptist was logging the first two drugs in mother's medical records but they were not logging the Amidoarone. My sister went up there and dug the Amiodrone IV bag out of the trash.  **photo** 
Amidoarone is not in mothers medical records but we have the IV bags. Sharon has video of the nurser digging in the trash fishing it out. We were there at lunch, the  Amidoarone IV bag was hanging, we go to lunch and when we got back the Amidorone IV bag was gone, asked the nurse about it and she said she just took it off and threw it away, but when she dug it out of the trash, it was not laying right on top like she just threw it away, it was at the very bottom of the trash can under a mountain of trash.  so unless the other nurses where dumping their trash in mothers room, it seemed more like they were trying to hid it.  We also have pictures of the Amidoarone IV bags hanging on mother **photos** They also started screwing around with mothers breathing. One day she was only breathing 4 times a minute, the next day they had her hyper ventilating, breathing once every 2 seconds. We asked why they had mother breathing this way and they lie again. They said mother had been breathing this way for two days, which is a flat out lie. We have video of mother the day before, she was fine! Her eyes open. My daughter has a video of mother the day before they killed her **video**  The next morning mother was barely recognizable.  What they did was terrorism. We reported it as such too.
Murder is the premeditated killing of another human being. That's the dictionary definition of what murder is. This Hospital knowingly pump my mother with enough fluids that it congested ever organ in her body, it was even seeping out of her eyes, on the very day her insurance ran out no less. It was also the Monday we were getting mother OUT of that hospital. We had already gotten a doctor to accept mother, this doctor we tracked down at Drew Memorial Hospital, on April 9th, 2017, at about 8:30 am. The doctor was working this Sunday doing rounds, so we asked the nurses at the nurses station where he was, the nurses had us wait until the doctor had a moment to talk. So even though Baptist states in mothers medical records that no doctor agreed to accept her. We did have a doctor! They are lying again. We also had an ambulance to transport mother. But being it was Sunday, Baptist would not let her leave, even though we had what they required to let mother leave, they would not let her leave. But Monday was another story. Monday mother was coming home! We were prepared to go straight to the CEO Troy Wells! They knew it, so they killed her. They knew exactly what they were doing. We even have their nurses on tape stating, "we know what we're doing." A non-profit!  They kept coming to the family, who's gonna pay when her insurance runs out? Over and Over. We told them let her go home! If she's going to die, let her die at home. If they let mother come home, she would not have died! At least not on April 10th. 

I'm scratching my head trying to figure out WHY, this hospital, these people want my mother dead! Why? I've had relatives come home dying, had hospital beds put into their home. So why would they not let mother come home to die? Why did they have to KILL her. The only thing that keeps coming back to my mind is ROBERT T. BUCHANAN.  Who is Robert T. Buchanan, and why is he in my mothers record?

So there it is:  Surgeon: Buchanan, Robert T. (MD).  Who is Robert T Buchanan and why does Baptist have him in my mothers medical records.  My sister Sharon Ellis did some research on this man and it turns out this man is a doctor, but he does not work at Baptist Hospital. According to his nurse or secretary, who ever answers the phone, not only does Robert T Buchanan not privileges at Baptist Hospital but he does not do these types of surgeries. He's a general practitioner. So this can't be some type of mistake or print error, the man doesn't even work there!   I believe something went wrong during mothers surgery. And instead of coming out and letting us know something went wrong they come out and lied to my face. Sharon found Dr. Robert T Buchanan in Magnolia. Where he's from. I tried contacting him and the man has now left the state. He moved to Texas according to the person who answered the phone at his office in Magnolia.

Hospital Stole my Power of Attorney rights by invoking the Arkansas Health Care Decision Act against me, without cause, without reason so they could kill my mother and cover up any wrong doing they may have done. It was the hospitals own nurse who came to us and informed us of negligence committed against our mother!  Once they robbed me of my POA, they put my mother into a coma, against our wishes, and just left her there to die. Starving her. We're recording them the entire time. Hospitals own social worker admits it on tape their starving our mother. Its on tape, and police could care less. Says she hasn't had a bowel movement in 17 days. But the problem for Baptist was mother would not die! They tried, believe me, they tried over and over to kill her but mother was fighter, she was fighting, she was hanging on. Left her suffering with a stroke for more than 6 hours.

I've never heard of the Arkansas Health Care Decisions Act, but apparently Arkansas can steal your rights away without cause, without reason. They can just call you on the phone and wipe away all your rights to care for your loved ones, then put them to death, with the protection of the police!   

We asked repeatedly, we requested over and over to let mother come home. If she is going to die, like Baptist Hospital claims, then let her come home to die!  Nope. Stole that from her too. Stole that from our entire family. Lied to us telling us mother could come home to die if we had a doctor to accept her. So we went out and got our own doctor to accept mother, to bring her home, to die at home. They still would not let her leave. Liars & Kidnappers. But even then they are lying! We had a doctor, we had an ambulance, we had what they requested and they still would not let her leave. They even lied again in the records saying the doctor we out and got to accept mother, didn't actually agree to accept her!  Liar Extremes!

The police, the cops I believe, are in on it!  We reported it, they did nothing. Or I should say they did nothing to help. They did take my sisters incident report she filed on 4-7-17 at the police station in Little Rock, and they modified it on 4-25-17 and completely changed the incident report to lies. Why would the police change the incident report to lies? Why would the police change/modify an incident report at all! They won't tell us who or why it was changed. But it states right on the report that it was modified! Hospital modifying records, police modifying records, judges pulling fast ones, prosecutors laughing about the cover up of our mothers murder. My heart goes out to anyone who needs a lawyer in this state! 

Killed by the very people who were suppose to help her. People in her own profession. How awful is that!

Mother died, according to the state medical examiner, of congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure does not that happens in just two days. Mother was NEVER diagnosed with Congestive heart failure. But not only did mother die from congestive heart failure, according to the autopsy, she also died from congestive lung failure, congestive liver failure, congestive bladder failure, congestive kidney failure, congestive stomach failure, congestive intestine failure, and congestive eye failure! That's right, congestive EYES! this is what the autopsy shows. Every organ in her body was congested! How does this happen, one way is to inject 60 pounds of fluids into a person. Mother went into the ICU at 204 lbs where she lay in an induced coma against family wishes, while being starved, hospital admits starving mother on tape, mother dies weighing 262 lb. How do you gain 60 lbs while laying on your back being starved. We reported it to the police, and what did they do? They did NOTHING! The Little Rock Police did nothing...    They could at least act like they are police officers and not be so blatantly biased for Baptist

 Hospital. They took my sister Sharon's incident report on 4-7-17, and they modified it on 4-25-17 and altered the report so the report is full of 

lies now. States right on the incident report (Modified 4-25-17). 

The police will not tell us who modified it or why it was modified, even after asking multiple times. The Little Rock police are protecting the people at Baptist Health Hospital. On 3-14-17, Dr Husband is on tape giving us mothers condition. We have it recorded. He says All of mothers organs are good. Nothing wrong with any of them. I know I keep repeating things but gawd, it's just hard to believe the total disregard for truth and justice. Even the damn Little Rock paper, Arkansas Online is writing fake news stories about my sister and myself. Look it up!  

The police, the prosecutor, all of them will continue to cover up this murder, why, who knows why, but what ever the reason is, it's enough to make them turn a blind eye to PROOF of a homicide. My sister has Hard Evidence. 

Sharon recorded the "MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS" in my mothers room when she died. Not the show the hospital put on an hour later, when they said mother died but when mother actually died, an hour earlier. There was NO CPR given. There was no code blue given. You can hear the Medical Professionals on tape. "This poor woman is not even going to make it to code", they said! "She's on her way out, and that's a good thing"! These are Baptist Health's medical professionals..    

**audio tape**

 Now what the hell does that mean! Why would a person not even make it to code! Maybe they were pumping her up with too much fluids, causing her to bloat up, so much so, when the lying medical examiner got her, he say she was obese! Mother wasn't even recognizable, the bastards what they did to her. Crooked cops man. Crooked prosecutors. My sister recorded the deputy prosecutor during a phone call. Informed the man she was recording. He knew, but when he hung up, he didn't actually hang up. Maybe the lord play a hand. Who knows. But she got the SOB on tape laughing about my mothers murder, like its some sort of insider joke. He then continues on talking about Judge Gruber. The judge in my lawsuit I filed against them. He said "Gruber is pulled a fast one on them". So the Judge, according to the deputy prosecutor, is not being honest. Why! If nothing happened, if these people did nothing wrong, why is everyone lying! Everyone is lying because they are falling over themselves trying to cover up the murder of my mother. Recorded on tape!

**audio tape**

Mother was not in a car wreck, or some terrible accident. What your going to see was done to mother on purpose while she lay helpless in an ICU hospital bed. Joan Ellis was murdered by fluid overload from the folks at Baptist Health Hospital in Little Rock Arkansas. And If you said anything to them about it, or complained about what they were doing, they will Steal/Rob you of your Power of Attorney rights, then call security on you to have you removed from the hospital, threaten you with arrest while they do as they please torturing your loved one until death!  Even after death.  Key point here. Mother died from their fluid overload. My sister was in the room with her when she died. Holding her fucking hand! She kissed her then left the hospital! An hour later the hospital calls her and tells her our mother is coding!!!!!! WHAT!!! My sister walks into the ICU room and it's packed with fucking idiot people gawking. One idiot is on the bed pounding on my mother chest pretending to CPR!  We have the nurses on tape long before their show stating mother has no blood pressure, no CPR started. Then their going to put on a show, BIG performance, acting like they are trying to save mother. Mother had already died an hour earlier. The assholes had all of mother's alarms on silent or off! They pump her full of 62 lbs of fluids to kill her then act like they are going to try to save her. They get so many people involved in the care of the person they are trying to kill, it's almost impossible to pinpoint who did what did what. This is done on purpose.  

The state of Arkansas is covering for the people who killed my mother. They will not.  They know this goes on but they don't care. They keep their eyes closed. You'd think the officials would at least make these people pay a fine or something. It appears they've paid all the lawyers in the state, even with evidence not a single lawyer in this state has the courage, the COURAGE, to fight for whats right. No money in doing whats right.

Check this link out! Oh look. it's not just Sharon Ellis stating this crap goes on!   Wake up people.

My sister caught this hospital and their staff murdering our mother, recorded it, got them lying on tape, she then reported it to the suppose to be law enforcement, now she's being attacked. Law enforcement only works for you if you pay them! We do not have more money than the hospital. So we're SOL. 

Mother's admitting doctor, informed my sister Sharon on April 7, 2017 that mother's organs, ALL of mother's organs were 100% good! 100%. We have video and photos of her. No mention of any congestive heart failure. In fact, not a single medical record belonging to Joan Ellis has stated she has any type of congestive heart failure. But that's what this medical examiner is claiming.  Mother was in the hospital for 2 months hooked up to machines, in a medically induced coma, and this man says, actually he swore under oath in court, mother had zero (0) drugs in her body!!  Mother had nothing in her body when they killed her? I wonder what they were keeping her in a coma with... He let all mother's blood work, tissues that we paid for expire, even after I emailed this man and asked him to preserve it, and his lawyer, I emailed them both. They both ignored my request, and let mother tissues and blood work be destroyed. Mother would not die! Mother fought to live. The hospital had to pump 62 lbs of fluid into her for her to die. They murdered her by doing this. This caused her death. There's a term for it, 'fluid overload'. We got it on tape, my sister pulled the empty bags from the trash can. We know this, it's why we went to the police. The police wont do anything! Even with proof! With Evidence! Will not even look at the evidence! We're bounced here, bounced there, lied to here, lied to there. Medical examiner who took my money, the lying bastard says he's not even aware that we are reporting murder! After all that, he bald face lies, and the cops fall right in line. But he screwed up. The lying medical examiner is a screw up. He reports my mother died of congestive heart failure, in fact he reports every single organ in mothers body was congestive! WHAT! Even her eyes! 

Dr. Richard Pelligrino. He's been on TV. Look him up, he's on YouTube,,  He's a murderous bastard and I have proof, at least he is in the case of Joan Ellis. I have evidence this man, a recorded conversation of an Official Baptist Called meeting to end my mothers life. This doctor is the CEO of Baptist Health Clinical Research, he tried to persuade myself and my sister to kill our mother because according to him, "He cannot stop her seizures"! But he's already written in the records, 3 days prior to this meeting, that mother is not having any siezures, no clincial seizures, or electrograhic seizures, while OFF sedation.. After he committed this hideous act he disappeared into hiding and we never saw or heard from him again, even after trying to contact him.

** audio tape **

We catch Baptist Health Hospital killing our mother. Multiple doctors telling us on multiple occasions mother's organs are 100% fine. The last time we are told this is on 4-7-17. We report it to the Little Rock Police who later change the incident report to lies, We have to pay a medical examiner who then lies, and files a lawsuit against me, for absolutely no reason, his attorney is a complete liar, I guess all attorneys are though. So we catch the hospital killing our mother, recorded on tape, have evidence of said killing. Then we report it to the cops and prosecutors and we catch the prosecutors on tape laughing about the whole thing, they think its funny that the judges are running us around in circles doing nothing. Basically protecting these people as they continue their murdering. I filed a lawsuit against the medical examiner but when the prosecutor mentions my judge by name saying this judge is pulling fast ones on me, as to dent me justice, whats the point of me continuing my lawsuit.  I could continue fighting my lawsuit but whats the point. If the judges are corrupt like the prosecutor said, recorded on tape saying it,  whats the point, and according to the prosecutor, they are corrupt. (sounds bites of all these liars coming soon).

So we caught the hospital on tape killing our mother, then caught the law on tape covering it up!  That is your Clinton Little Rock, Arkansas. Corruption to the core. My sister Sharon spoke with a sheriff in Arkansas who has confirmed the Little Rock is nothing more than a big web, and if she wanted any justice she would have to seek help from outside the state. This from a Sheriff! 

The lawyers. I was sued by the state medical examiner, and I did absolutely nothing, and not a single lawyer in this state I asked would help.
Not a single one.   

I often think about what these people did, how they did it, all the people involved. The nurses, doctors, even the respiratory woman who comes in and makes sure the breathing machine is working right...On 4-9-17, my sister and I go to see mom, when we see mom, she's hyper ventilating, I mean shes breathing really fast, and we ask the respiratory woman why mother is breathing like this and the woman says she's been breathing this way since Friday! We have video of mother on 4-8, the day before, Saturday, and she is not breathing like this. This woman is lying! WHY! This woman had to be in on the Murder to lie like this! A straight out lie! We have pictures and video of mother she is breathing fine, her eyes are open and my daughter said mother squeezed her hand.  We're told on 3-14-17 by Dr. Husband that ALL of mother's organs are 100% fine, on 4-7-17 another Dr tells my sister mothers organs are 100% fine. Once she learns this she text's the family, still have the text. Now the medical examiner is claiming mother died of congestive heart failure! OMG. Mother did not have congestive heart failure! You don't die of congestive heart failure in 2 days. Many people refuse to even believe things like this happen. But they do. I have an email from a Commander of the Arkansas State Police, stating although an autopsy has been completed, no official cause and manner of death has been determined/listed. I also have an email from the lawyer of the the medical examiner stating his client was hired to determine the cause and manner of death, and that it has been completed. It has not been completed. It has not been completed, the state police says it has not been completed. The man is lying, he is a liar, why is he lying, why does anyone lie.

Whenever we would ask a question of the nurses, they would call security on us. One day we go to visit mom and when we see her, mom has a large knot/swell thing on the right side of her head, its huge. These people are injuring my mother. My mother now has a huge swell on the entire right side of her head.  OMG at what these people did.  Why! Why would a hospital want a person dead? It's tough to think about but I can think of several reasons why a hospital would kill someone, could you!  Then they stole my Power of Attorney, that I was assigned by my mother, as stated in their records, over my mothers care, without cause or reason, not to care for my mother, but to end her life. We catch them, we record them doing it, we record them saying it, we report this to Arkansas Officials and All officials are tripping over themselves, lying, stonewalling, diverting, playing games, pulling fast ones over on us, Why? This was recorded on he phone! Prosecutors office! Why!  

.... I already mentioned Dr. Husband of the Baptist Health husband and wife ICU killing team told us on 3-14-17 that all mothers organs were 100% perfectly fine and that he could keep her alive indefinitely, Recorded this on tape. He never said mother was suffering from any kind of congestive heart failure. Well, I was reminded yesterday that on 4-7-17, another Dr. whose name I will not mention at the moment, tells my sister Sharon, mother's organs, ALL mother's organs are 100% perfectly fine. No mention of any congestive heart failure. My wife's mother had congestive heart failure, she had it a long time, I know what congestive heart failure is, it does not happen in 2 days! Mother did not have congestive heart failure. Sharon, once she was informed of this by the Dr., she text messaged my wife with the good news. Still have the text message!  So on 4-7-17, a couple weeks after the 3-14 meeting, we're told again our mother's organs are 100% okay, but then she dies of congested heart failure on 4-10-17, three days later!?  Why was EVERY organ in her body congested, even her eyes! How does that happen. She was perfectly fine on 4-7-17, we even have video, we have video of mother on 4-8-17, and she's fine, Dr tells us her organs are fine, they pump 62 lbs of sodium chloride into her, called fluid overload, had the stuff coming out of her eyes! My sister thought she was crying, the bastards. On 4-9-17 Sharon and I get a Doctor to accept mother to come home, we get our own ambulance, but Baptist refuses to let her leave! They refuse to let mother leave even after we went out and got our own doctor. Baptist lies again in mothers medical record saying the Dr we got to accept mother never accepted mother! Straight out lie, and this doctor knows it!  My sister and I went to Drew Memorial Hospital on 4-9-17 and found the doctor, asked the nurses for him, waited on him, witnesses were present, Sharon records everything. People should be careful before they lie.Then mother is killed that very night, they kill her the very night we get our own doctor to get her out of there. We have video of mother on 4-8, she's fine, a Dr telling us on 4-7 mother's organs are fine!  How obvious does murder have to be?  It does not matter, that's according to the police, the police say" it does not matter if you have evidence of murder against the doctors at the hospital, Let me repeat that, the LITTLE ROCK POLICE say, IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU HAVE EVIDENCE OF MURDER AGAINST DOCTORS AT A HOSPITAL, WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING. That is what you get from the police. The authorities. They bounce you over to the medical examiner, who bounces you over to the coroner who says if a person is in a hospital for more than 3 days he can't do anything! He then bounces you back over to the medical examiner. The coroner gave us a BEEPER NUMBER to the medical examiner. He said 'Medical Examiner', not 'A Private Pathologist.' The coroner's office is not suppose to refer any citizen to any private pathologist, and he didn't. The coroner gave us the beeper number to the medical examiner, not to some private pathologist, the coroner told us it was a medical examiner! Now the medical examiner is lying. He's a sick man. This man committed false witness while on the stand in court! Probably explains why he's still there, especially after the Memphis 3 debacle. The cover up begins. Cops and prosecutors using the lying medical examiner to do nothing. They are going to get away with murder because they are protected by the corruption. Police reports modified, medical examiners lying, prosecutor on tape admitting we're getting shafted, laughing, thinks its all a funny joke. What's wrong with an honest and open investigation? If nothing happened, if nobody did anything wrong why will they not look at it? Am I not credible enough?  I did four years in the navy, i went to college, I raised a family, I've never been to jail, why am I not credible? The people who are suppose to be protecting the people are only protecting themselves and the big money.  We caught these people, we have these people on tape, caught red handed. We have authorities lying, ignoring, covering. I hope when these people close their eyes at night, the lord reminds them.  

Mother was a wonderful person, she loved all.

I'm kinda writing in reverse order with the beginning at the end, Reading from the bottom first may help follow through events. Once my sister's report is online, the story will be more accurate and factual. .......more to come.......... 

 Let me start with the police. First I want to let it be known my sister Sharon, very smart and bright person, is the person who caught these people! She caught these people! She found out what they were doing then she got them on tape doing it!  Arkansas On-line writes a story about her, and me, their calling into question her mental health, or I should say they are reporting that the court is calling into question her mental health simply because she cried when speaking of mother while in court.. Now isn't this typical, let's portray her as  mental. Typical. Anyway she catches them, reports them to the police. The police inform her there is nothing they can do because mother is in a hospital. The police tell her she needs to contact a medical examiner. We go outside in front of the police station and we do what the Police have instructed us to do. Sharon calls the Crime Lab to speak with a medical examiner, the crime lab informs Sharon because she is reporting murder she needs to contact the coroner, not them. Sharon then calls the coroner. The coroner then says if mother was in the hospital for more than 3 days there is nothing he can do, he then tell her she needs to contact a medical examiner and gives her a beeper number. We do not now who belongs to this beeper number, Sharon calls the number because the coroner gave it to her to call, she called the coroner because the crime lab told her to, she called the crime lab because the police told her to, she went to the police because she was reporting murder. Now what they are ding is trying to wash their hands of this. Everyone passing it along to someone else. Medical examiner we get from the beeper number now claims we contacted him privately, as a private mater, like we never reported murder to the police. Testified in court that we contacted him privately. LIE! We did not contact him privately! Nobody can contact this man privately because this man does not advertise. His own words. How can we contact this man privately, we don't even know he exists. I'll get back to the Medical examiner later, back to the police. So Sharon calls the police and speaks with a captain who basically tells Sharon she's a liar, and he informs her not to call back, and that he was going to inform all others police officers to disregard her and her complaint. "WHAT!  But, apparently he did not follow through with his threat because Sharon filed a complaint against him with internal affairs, and internal affairs claims he did nothing wrong. So Sharon went to the police first on 4-7-17, right after the hospital patient advocate admits, on tape, the hospital is starving our mother. On 4-25-17 the complaint Sharon filed on 4-7-17 is Modified! Who modifies police reports? They won't say who or why! But it's pretty strange is it not. Why are they modifying reports? I have not seen it myself, but my sister says the report she submitted on 4-7-17 has been changed, it's no longer correct! In my opinion it's because they do not want to look into it. Even after Sharon informed the police she had Evidence, it didn't matter. The police were washing their hands of this claiming they could not do anything unless a medical examiner told them to. The lying medical examiner. OMG  I'm actually praying for these people, people are evil to do this. It's horrific. Sharon contacts the police, the sheriff, the prosecutors, US attorneys, the Governor, Dept. of Human Services, FBI, DOJ, even the White House. So maybe, hopefully someone will look into this. My mom was a healthy woman, she had healthy organs, and she was O+.. 
Sharon wrote up a report right after this mom was killed, memorializing what she knew. The report is a .pdf, it contains events that occurred, names of those involved, links to the medical pages referenced in the report as well as links to the audio files, video files, and photographs. They are horrific, so I must warn people looking, viewer discretion is advised. For example, when we are lied to concerning mothers health, Sharon states so in the report where she also links to the very medical record pages, obtained from them, that shows they are lying, as well as links to the audio file where they are recorded lying to us. Sharon has been commended by many professionals for such an expertly written report. I'll post up the report as soon as I have all supporting files in place, so nothings broke. 


Arkansas Healthcare Decisions Act.  I'm 56 years old, married 33 years, a navy vet, college grad  3.98 GPA, member Alpha Chi national honor society, raised 3 kids, I loved my mother very much. She assigned me as her Power of Attorney. What give these people the right to simply strip me of my POA rights over my mothers care!? And what did they do after they stole my POA rights? They killed her!  They stole my POA rights so they could kill my mother, that is my belief. They sure as hell were not trying to give my mother any type of recovery care.  According to the Hospitals administrators, they don't even have anything called recovery care. Why did they steal my POA rights? I don't know! I can only guess because they will not even give an explanation as to why they did it, the only explanation I got was I did not understand what POA meant, which is a total crock of bull. So in my opinion, my POA rights were stolen because the hospital wanted my mother dead. That's my honest feelings. What did they do once they stole my POA right? Nothing! Put my mother into a coma and left her, Starved her, admitted on tape by their own social worker patient advocate, she knows they are starving her! My sister says to her, "you people are starving my mother", and the woman replied " I know, that's our big culprit," its on tape. When my sister heard this, when she recorded this, she went straight to the police and filed a complaint against this hospital. Reporting they are starving our mother. They did nothing. The police did nothing, more on that later.. Even after starving her, even after keeping her in a coma for weeks, she was still hanging on, surviving. Mom was a fighter, had they given her a chance she still be here in my opinion. So how did they steal my POA rights.  I got a call one day from this woman, they have this husband and wife team in the ICU and they tag team you. The wife of this team  called to inform me Hospital had called together an ethics committee, and this ethics committee decided they wanted to steal my POA and so they stole my POA. I'm can only guess why, and my guess is they took my POA rights because I did not want to kill my mom. Now in the medical records, which will be posted forthcoming, show the people who were in attendance for this meeting, and one of the members was mothers own patient advocate, an employee of the Hospital. A few days later my sister is having a conversation with this patient advocate and the patient advocate starts informing my sister Sharon that apparently she, the patient advocate, was against the stealing of my POA rights, she is on tape saying that she told the Hospital that they cannot force their will down the family's throat!  They were forcing their will down our throats. Just like their employee stated. Another member of this so called ethics committee was a hospital doctor. One day my sister Sharon called the hospital and spoke to this man, this doctor, and asked why, what reason or justification did you use to take away my rights over my mother. My man was in shock. He said he was never part of any ethics committee to take anyone's POA. Then there's Dr Wife. The wife of the husband and wife tag team in the ICU. She's the one who called the meeting, she's the one who stole my POA rights. And she's a LIAR. And, not just according to me either.   We had a long conversation with the administrator of the nursing home, and according to her, this woman is a liar! Got it on tape as well. Liars according to other medical professionals. not just from the family.  Tapes will also be coming soon. Why these people can't simply be honest, if mother had problems or complications during the surgery why lie about it? Why come out and tell the family everything went great, no problems when there obviously were problems. Well you have to ask yourself,  why do people lie. People lie to cover up something, to hide something. So what are they covering up! It would be interesting to know just how many times they use this broken law to steal people's right from them. And it may not be a broken law, I've looked it up, I don't see anything in there that gives them the right to steal my POA rights. I wonder how many other people they have done this to. This hospital. suppose to be a nonprofit, kept coming to the family wanting to know who was going to pay her bill once they depleted mothers medicaid, and low and behold, mother dies the very night her insurance runs out! She was leaving the next day if I had my way, I had a doctor, I had an ambulance but they wold not let her leave, they killed her that night. Depleted her medicare? Who knows with all the lies. According to the ER Dr. mother's seizures Stopped. The ER Dr. recommended weaning mother Off the vent, the ER Dr ordered therapists! The ER Dr. was well expecting mother to wake up, to recover!  But once the 'brain' doctor got her, BAM, Versed, Midazolam. My sister and I would come to visit mother ion the hospital and she would be laying there looking peaceful, normal!, then we go to lunch and when we come back, mother face would be swollen, tongue swollen sticking out of her mouth, tongue split, bleeding, and I honestly believe these cruel people did this to try and sway us to kill our mother, to play on our feelings. They did this numerous time. One day we took our little sister with us. Mother was looking so good, her eyes were opening, she was moving, so we decided to bring our little sister up to see her, she's 18, well when we got there mother was no longer looking good, they had given her Midazolam again. So when my little sister got thee and saw mom, well these evil bastards. Remember this 'brain' doctor who put her on this drug, put her into this coma, against the direction of the ER Dr., the same guy who wrote in mothers medical records that mother is no longer having any seizures, no clinical seizures, no electrograpghic(EEG) seizures, while OFF sedation. So he's writing in her records that she's having no seizures while she off sedation, the same brain doctor comes to the family and tells us we need to kill our mother because he, the 'brain' doctor, cannot STOP mothers seizures! WHAT!  That's right, On Tape! He tells us he cannot stop mothers seizures so we should kill her. Now he did not say KILL, he said we need to take mother off the vent, which means to kill her, it's what he meant. Then the man disappears and we never hear from him again. A NEW brain Dr comes into the scene now. I call them brain doctors, which I assume everyone knows are neurologists. Anyway a new brain doctor comes on the scene after the liar brain Dr. vanished. This new brain doctor calls me on the phone and tells me my mother could WAKE up! WHAT!  He tells me she could wake up with memory loss, or she could wake up and have some paralysis, or she could wake up and this or that, but nonetheless she could wake up! This whole time my sister and I are requesting mother be transferred out of this hospital. We're informed buy the hospital they cannot let her leave unless another doctor agrees to accept her. They call St. Vincent, UAMS, they won't accept her. But, we do not believe they really tried to get her moved. My daughter in law goes into see mother and when she gets near the room she see's a man on the phone talking about mother, and she says the doctor was actually talking the other hospital out of taking mother, so I don't believe they tried to move her even if they claim they did. My sister and I went out and found our own doctor to accept mother, we had a doctor, we had an ambulance, they would no let her leave, that night RIP.  Something is not right. Joan Ellis did not die a natural death, she was killed. They would not even let her come home to die!  W said if she's going to die, like you claim she is, let her come home to die. NO they stole hat from her to. My mother was not even recognizable the day of her death! How does someone die like that! It was horrific. Evil people to do this stuff.

I will be publishing my memoir concerning the murder of my mom Joan Ellis in the coming days, weeks and months.. These will be the events as I witnessed them. Until now I've let my sister Sharon Ellis (God bless her) do most of the leg work trying to get officials involved, only for them to try and label her as mentally unfit, laugh at her, run her in circles. Sharon is a clever girl, she's smart. Sharon caught these people on tape! And not just the hospital, the law enforcement officials! They thought they hung up the phone, but they didn't, and they were informed the call was being recorded! Anyway, I always figured in the back of my mind they would right their wrong, they would do the right thing, the honest thing, that someone, in all the people involved in this, there has to be someone who will speak up for the truth but as always I was wrong. Nobody will stand up. Nobody has the courage.They will continue to deny what they did, even try to rationalize what they did, they continue to try and portray Sharon and myself as something we're not and they will continue to deflect questions regarding the lies caught on tape as well as the falsified medical records. This has gone on for so long, it's the norm. 

  1. the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The practice is illegal in most countries.
    synonyms:mercy killingassisted suicide, physician-assisted suicide; 

  2. This is not a word or term I made up, this word is in the dictionary. The definition I did not make either. I don't believe this is something that could happen or possibly happen but this is the definition because this is what does happens! It happens, it's in the dictionary. Its why its in the dictionary, its real, its not a figment of someone's imagination.

Mother was not suffering from any incurable or painful disease, in fact the very doctor who was caring for mother is on tape saying mother is 100% perfectly fine, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her AT ALL! Except her brain! She would not have died if she was not killed purposefully. The doctor admits on tape there is nothing wrong with mother, says he can keep her living indefinitely!  On tape. So we then ask about her brain, is she brain dead we ask? They are wanting us to pull the plug on mother so she can die. So we ask is she brain dead! We don't want to kill our mother if she's not brain dead, we couldn't believe they were even asking. This doctor just said she was 100% fine other than her brain and the man's reply, the "brain" doctor, now I'm not going to say his name yet, I will though, you can bet your ass. But this brain doctor, his answer to our question is she brain dead, is " I don't know".   He says I don't know. Yet they, the hospital, is urging myself, and my sister Sharon, to kill our mother, based on this, It's incredible! And Sharon recorded the entire meeting, she has the entire meeting on tape, and the tape is plain as day, there's no questioning what was said.  I know I'm rambling on here a little but I wanted to get this out. The brain doctor, this man is what really chaps my ass. He's suppose to be the brain doctor, yet when my sister Sharon called his office and asked about seizures, the doctor's nurse or receptionist stated the brain doctor does not work on seizure patients. OMG. She says the brain doctor outsources all his seizure patients to another doctor, yet this same man was working on my mother, wanted Sharon and I to kill our mother because according to the brain doctor, " he can't stop her seizures".  That's right, the man who outsources all his seizures patients wants my sister and I to kill our mother based on his testament that he cannot stop her seizures.  But that's not all.  This very same brain doctor, 3 days prior to this meeting called by the hospital, he write's in her medical records that mother is no longer having any clinical or electrographic seizures while off sedation! So the hospitals brain doctor writes she's no longer having seizures then comes into a meeting and tries to get us to kill our mother based on a lie that he now'can't stop her seizures'. Also, after this day, we never saw or heard from the 'brain doctor' again, even after several attempts to do so. Three days after struggling with this decision, to take our mother off the ventilator, I called the brain doctor to let him know our decision, I called and called the man would never return my call, I eventually ended up having to call their head of security! I knew when that man walked into the meeting he did not want to be there, to me it looked as though he was being forced to be in that meeting, to make those statements we have recorded,I honestly believe it's why this man simply vanished..  

Mother was euthanized, why they would not let her come home is perplexing, we had our own doctor, we had our own ambulance, they already stated mother was going to die, why would they not let her come home to die. Why all the LIES. The Sunday before mother was killed, 4-9-17, Sharon and I visited Drew Memorial Hospital, we were looking for a specific doctor that was on duty that day, we found him, he agreed to take mother, allow mother to come home to die, not to come home to try and get care, come home to die, he agreed. He said and I'm quoting, after he agreed to take her he said "have their people call my people and we'll have her moved down here." Sharon and I get back to the Hospital and they deny us, they prevent us from leaving with our mother,  The hospitals own staff member, and member of the 'ethics committee' says on tape the hospital has no right to force down our throat their wishes, on tape, but they did it anyway. The hospital called together an ethics committee and according to a doctor at this hospital, they were enacting the Arkansas Healthcare Decisions Act against me, and stripping my Power of Attorney rights over my mother's care, and from my mother for that matter, she was the one who assigned me POA over her. It's in the Hospitals own records. We were requesting mother leave that hospital for several weeks, over and over we requested, always the same answer, we cant let her leave unless another doctor accepts her, well we had a doctor, we had an ambulance, they still would not let her leave! She was killed that very night, that very Sunday night, two weeks after their doctor is on tape saying mother is perfectly fine she's dead and every last organ in her body is bloated and congested, and weighing double what they should weigh, seeping out of her eyes, we had an autopsy done that shows it.

The hospital's attorney said they hired their very own independent doctor to look at this, and according to their very own independent doctor, they did absolutely nothing wrong. Who would have thought. Like leaving a patient that just underwent carotid artery surgery suffer for more than 6 hours with an ax in her head from a stroke. It was the hospital's very own staff member (a registered nurse) who came to us, sought us out, the family to inform us of negligence committed against our mother while in the hospital. Mother suffered a stroke while in the hospital and was left for more than six hours with excruciating pain which she described as "an ax in her head" But again, according to the hospital even though the negligence did occur, which they have to admit it did occur, it did not have any effect on mothers well being. Well of course it didn't. Do you really think that if it did have an effect on her well being they would actually tell you? These people are liars, I hate to be brute but they are on TAPE lying! Lies in the medical records. Does anybody know who Robert T. Buchanan is, why he would be in my mother's medical records, and he's in her medical records as the man who performed her carotid artery surgery! WHAT! According to what my sister and I could find out, there is only one Dr. Robert T Buchanan in the state of Arkansas and he doesn't work at the hospital, has no privilige there, and even if he did he doesn't do that kind of medicine. So how can this happen.. After several attempts to contact him, we find out he has now left/fled the state. So now's there's no Robert T Buchanan in Arkansas. We cannot get any answers from the hospital concerning this matter. 

I'm not arguing my mother wasn't old or sick even. Some think that once you get a little old its okay to kill you. Ahh she was old anyway, She didn't have long anyway. That's a BS reply and I hope the ones saying it live to enjoy their own words. 

Euthanasia while some see as mercy, is still illegal, it is still murder, and they did it without our permission, without mothers permission, they did it against our wishes. Mother was put into a coma by the so called brain doctor, as soon as she was released from the ER. The ER doctor, on record, wrote mother was no longer having seizures, he recommended weaning her off the vent, he called in therapists, he was planning her recovery.  As soon as the brain doctor got her, right onto a coma she went where she was fed midazolam (versed) against our will, they left her, against our wishes. They all left, went on spring break, no doctors anywhere, left my mother in coma for no reason. Mother had people to take care of her, she had somewhere to go.  It's a horror story, and what makes it even worse is mother heard them conspiring, she laid there eyes closed listening. She told us to get her the hell out of there, she told us to call the sheriff.

just a disclaimer here: There may be some small flaws in my story, but the jist of my story is real, it's the truth, to the best of my knowledge, so help me God.  I'll even do a polygraph, see how many of them will do the same!  Polygraph may not be admissible in court but they work! FBI uses them, CIA uses them cause they work. Lying bastards don't want to get anywhere near a polygraph

These are evil people to do this to others, they do this like they 

Joan Ellis was my mother. She was a wonderful caring person. She did not deserve what they did to her. Be careful where you take your loved ones for health care.  Her right to live was stolen from her, Power of Attorney rights over her care were stolen from me. When her insurance ran out, so did her life. People are lying. Making up whatever excuse they want and just take from you, steal from you. This is my warning to people, do not simply believe medical professionals simply because they are medical professionals, they will lie through their teeth like anyone else to save their hides. My mom was a registered nurse, she heard them, she told my sister Sharon to record them, Sharon recorded everyone. She also recorded the people who did NOTHING after this was reported to them. Mother entered the hospital weighing 204 pounds, killed weighing 262 pounds 58 lbs of sodium chloride  is pumped into her body, not only did she die of congested heart failure, which she did not have, but every single organ in here body was congested, even her eyes. She was barley recognizable the day of her death. All while laying in their ICU.  Fluid overload, look it up.

I failed to get my mother out. I failed her. 

I'm sorry Mom, but I will speak out about what happened I will no longer just be silent while evil prevails.