Joan Ester Losty Ellis   -  Murdered April 10th 2017
Little Rock, Ar.

Her murder was reported to multiple people, multiple institutions, multiple times

They are now outright lying claiming they where not aware this was reported as a murder! 

It's jaw dropping, the boldness of their lies is stunning. 

The murder is now being covered up by the very people we reported it to.

 Only one reason to lie!

All I have is the truth which compels me to speak out, otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time. 

Plus its recorded on tape! Evidence and they don't care. Nobody cares

Be careful where you get your healthcare, be careful who you trust!

Little Rock Arkansas cannot be trusted!

If your over 70, you can be murdered in Little Rock Hospitals and nobody will give a shit 

They LIED under oath, and committed False Witness in court

These people murdered my mother and the state is protecting them

I will see these people in Hell for their crimes. God knows what they did, all of them.

"Evil Triumphs when good men do nothing!"

Evil lives in Little Rock