Joan Ester Losty Ellis
Killed at Baptist Health Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas April 10th 2017

WARNING:  (link temporarily removed)

These are my notes, my memories, my thoughts and my opinions as I prepare to write a book detailing the cover up and murder of Joan Ellis, my mother. An angel of the Lord she was, a Registered Nurse herself 40+ years, she helped many people in her life and would never, NEVER, do what these so-called Medical Professionals did. 

My name is James Martin Ellis. 56 years old.  Electronics Technician 3rd class Petty Officer US Navy veteran.  University of Arkansas Monticello Boll Weevil graduate, B.S in Computer Information Systems. Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Member Alphi Chi National Honor society. Married 33 years to my wonderful wife Beverly. Two children of my own and one adopted son, Currently raising two grand children.  I know what Power of Attorney means. My dear mother and I planned this, worked on this very scenario for a long time, preparing. These people stole from me and my family. Stole something I can never get back. I have been scared forever by this. I failed my family. This horrible thing cannot be removed from my mind. I suffer the thought every day. Mother was not even recognizable, I was terrorized. What happened to mother was not natural. I'm left to live with what they did. My poor sister, she caught them, she recorded them. They attacked her and put it Online for all to see.  Bastards lied to me, lied to us lied to our face and then stole our rights to care for our own mother!.

Baptist invoked the Arkansas Healthcare Decisions Act against me, without cause, without reason, this according to Baptist's very own staff member, and its on Tape!

And nobody, not a soul, would help.  Everyone just laughed at us.
Even prosecutors are on tape laughing admitting..

Baptist Health Hospital is protected by the powerful Wright Lindsey Jennings Law firm and David P. Glover. 
I'm merely a piss ant to step on to them and they stepped on me. I can't even get anyone to help. 

Maybe I can help save someone else's life.

All I can do is warn others.


God Bless

James Martin Ellis