Joan Ester Losty Ellis

  Murdered April 10th, 2017
Baptist Health Center Little Rock, Ar

 Hospital tried to kill mother for 5 weeks using their standard killing techniques like no water, no food, starvation, no bowel movements, infections, neglect, mal-practice etc..  Baptist would not allow my mom to wake up!  Every time mom would start to wake up the bastards would come in and drug her! After we got her off the seizure meds Baptist started screwing with her heart, giving her Ciprofloxacin, Digoxin and Amiodarone AT THE SAME TIME in their effort to kill my mom.  All of which is admitted to on tape by various hospital staff members, recorded.  I've been reporting murder for over two years, with evidence, and not a single person in law enforcement has never even return my call. They are all profiting together, from the Governor on down to the bought and paid for medical examiner. It wasn't until I went out found my own doctor, Dr. Tim Simon of Monticello, where he agreed to accept mother, to get her out of there,  that's when they killed her, killed her that very same night 4-9-17. The very night I talked to Dr. Tim Simon, the very night Dr. Tim Simon agreed to take her out of there. The next day Mother was un-recognizable. How does your love one become un-recognizable overnight while in an ICU? Fluid overload. Look it up. It was premeditated first degree murder. They were not going to allow mother to leave! WHY! Why was it so important that they see her dead? What are they hiding?

On 4-9-17 my sister and I went to Drew Memorial Hospital and sought out Dr. Tim Simon. We asked the two nurses at the desk where he was. They informed us he was on rounds, asked to us have a seat and he be right along. we did. Dr. Simon was right along. After speaking with Dr. Simon, he agreed to accept mother to come home to Drew Memorial Hospital. Dr. Tim Simon told us "Have their people call my people, and we'll have her moved down here". Well we told them. They refused to let her leave! We had an ambulance, we had a doctor, they refused to let her leave. Then killed her that night. She was pumped so full of fluids it congested her heart. It also caused every organ in her body to double in size and weight, but we can't ask any questions of the medical examiner because he's completely corrupted.

After agreeing to help us, the medical examiner begins lying! A two faced rat lying bastard. He then hires a lawyer who tells us we can no longer talk to the man. This after he's already told us we can ask him whatever questions we have concerning mothers death and his findings. We have the man on tape telling us to bring him our evidence.  Now we can't even talk to the man. This is the man I had to pay! He then sues me for absolutely no reason, I believe he's covering it up. WHY ELSE LIE! What reason does this man have to lie if its not to cover up for his friends, or he was ordered to do it. Maybe that's why he's allowed to stay ! He then allows all our evidence to be destroyed, against our wishes, after I've already requested be released. He and his attorney ignore my request to release the blood samples so we could have them tested by another doctor, and he allows the lab to destroy all mothers blood samples. He then commits FALES WITNESS against me in a court of law. This just two months after this same medical examiner was called before the state medical board for ethics violations, I'm sure any reasonable person would be able to look it up, see for themselves.  

We reported murder to the police on 4-10-17, and they did nothing but hide behind this unethical medical examiner. They did nothing. The police in Little Rock were actually informed twice, once on 4-7-17 before mother was murdered. The police incident report created on 4-7-17 somehow mysteriously was altered on 4-25-17. They are all corrupt, even the judges are corrupt, admitted to on tape by the 10th judicial district prosecutors attorney's office ("Judges pulling fast ones"). So it doesn't matter if we have evidence of murder or that mother was actually murdered, cause the unethical  liars and corrupt officials will simply cover it up. Then attack you!  

                                         Investigation of the Death of Joan Ellis