Joan Ester Losty Ellis   -  Murdered April 10th 2017 for the rich and powerful

They took what they wanted then discarded her and her family

R.N.  never drank or smoked, had perfect organs, Baptist's doctor on tape, ON TAPE, saying moms organs are 100% good, he said he can keep her alive indefinitely
Two weeks later she's dead from Baptist Hospital induced congestive heart failure. LIES!  Every organ in her body was congested according to the autopsy, not just her heart, they murdered her by fluid overload, thereby causing the congested heart failure and congesting ALL other organs at the same time. Even her EYES were congested for God almighty!  And they did it almost overnight when they found out we got a doctor to accept mother to get her out there. Baptist was not having it and killed her that very night.

They all cover for each other too. The doctor who accepted mom on April 9th 2017 it's written in mom's medical records by Baptist that this doctor never accepted my mother. Complete lie. You would think the doctor who actually did accept my mom would speak up, you'd think he let them know, hey fix this lie, I did accept this woman. But no. This doctor who we hunted down on a Sunday, doing his rounds on Sunday at DMH, who agreed to accept mother simply said he did not want to hear any conspiracy theories!  

He's willing to let the lie stand in my mom's medical record, that he never agreed to accept my mom when he did. Also when we tried to get help from another doctor concerning the torrent of lies coming from Baptist, he called them conspiracy theories.

Let me inform you of the "conspiracy theory" according to Monticello doctor we asked for help. I believe he has connections with the medical board as well. It's all a big web just like the Sheriff said! 

On March 11th 2017, Baptist Health Doctors write in mom's medical records that she is no longer having any clinical or electrographic seizures. Now this the reason my mom is at Baptist hospital to begin with, they claim she is having seizures. But this doctor, this Baptist Health Hospital wrote in my moms medical records she was no longer having any seizures. No clinical seizures, meaning no shaking or visible seizures, and no electrographic seizures, meaning no seizures in her head. 
This was on March 11th 2017

Then 3 days later on March 15th 2017, this same Baptist health doctor comes into a meeting and lies to us, he says we need to kill our mother because HE, Baptist Health doctor, cannot stop her seizures! So they are lying to us! We seek help, my sister is begging people to help her, to help us. We find this local doctor, and according to this local doctor, lying about people, attempting to have family member pull life support from loved ones based on falsehoods and lies is a conspiracy theory.

Thanks for nothing Doc! May one day God frown upon you and yours!

If somebody with money and power wants your organs, Arkansas is happy to oblige!

My sister once asked an attorney, "If someone lies to you, how many times does it take for you to begin questioning what they are saying, once? twice? Ten times?"

What would your answer be?

It's always once.

Anyone notice how Hillary Clinton is all healthier now a days? She wasn't to healthy in 2016, I'm sure everyone can agree there.  I'm also sure everyone would agree that's she's looking much better now. What happened in 2017 to cure her?! Maybe a New organ? No one's talking, my mom was murdered, actually tortured then murdered, I believe now for her organs and it is being covered up by the entire state of Arkansas. 

My sister caught them covering it up and now they are attacking her! The liars are on the attack. 
My sister has the tapes to prove everything.

If someone lies to you and you know it, you begin to question things they say to you. These are not politicians, these are doctors and law enforcement people. These people are not suppose to lie to you. Why Lie!  Why not just say what is wrong is mom, why are they lying! Once they began lying, everybody changed their tune.  Baptist attorney, who is on tape admitting his client, Baptist Health Center, is at fault! Did you hear that, I'll say it again. Baptist Health Lawyer is recorded on tape (5 hour long meeting) admitting fault, not all fault, but partial fault for what happened to my mom. But once all the lying started, now his client did nothing wrong.  I was told once by a lawyer, and they know this stuff goes on, they all admit it, he told me once the doctors start lying covering for each other it's almost impossible to prove otherwise. So they know. Problem is my sister recorded them, they cannot lie their way out of their own words. They were caught and they cannot lie their way out. The doctor who lied to us in an effort to get my mom's own children to kill her, he disappeared never to be seen again. The fake doctor listed in moms medical records disappeared. 

April 25th 2017, Little Rock  Police Department ALTERED documents created on April 7th 2017 to coverup the murder of Joan Ellis
All you have to do is look, you can see it's been altered. It says "Altered on April 25th, 2017." Plain as day, they will not answer questions concerning it. What else happened on April 25th 2017? That's when the state crime lab began covering up my moms murder. The state crime lab colluded with the Little Rock Police who altered the incident report created on April 7th 2017 and falsify/ doctored the incident report to coincide with the state crime lab. They are covering for each other. But they are caught. They are on tape and on record. Little rock police are covering for the state crime lab who is covering for the friends over at Baptist Health Hospital Little Rock Arkansas. Corrupted bastards.
 We reported this to the state crime lab, my sister has an hour long audio recording with the state crime lab chief state medical examiner

He asks her what she thinks happened, she tells him

He asks her how she thinks this happened, she tells him

He hangs up the phone on her!  On Tape!

They kept pushing the narrative that this was a "Private Matter", over and over they would mention this was a private matter, this was not a private matter 

We believe now she was murdered for her organs, we could not understand WHY they wanted her dead, why they would not help her, why they would not let her leave!

Hospital records show an 'unknown' third(3rd) surgery during February 2017, she only had two(2)

Autopsy shows an unknown 11" scar on her abdomen like a kidney was removed

Records/photos from other records shows no scar!

Autopsy says tissues were donated, my mother was not a donor, where are her tissues?

When asked about it, state crime lab hires a lawyer. Then sued me for no reason. Attacked me

When the Hospital was asked about it, they told us to hire a lawyer, they're not talking.

Arkansas lawyers are pathetic. Got the murder, the torture, the lies  all on tape
Yet none of them can do anything 


If your a lawyer in Arkansas, you should be holding your head down in shame!

Baptist Health doctors, nurses, security, even their attorney lied to me. Its all on tape

Her murder was reported and then covered up by the entire state of Arkansas

Not a single Arkansas official would even look at the evidence!
Criminals all  

That's our land of opportunity

That's Arkansas

 If you know of a crime and do nothing, you become part of that crime and have to live with it, it's on you.

These are Serious Charges being alleged here, and Everyone has their head in the sand, Everyone.

A crime was reported and they did nothing.

                                                                                                                  Investigation of the Death of Joan Ellis  

My sister is my hero

My sister was slandered, defamed, sued, lied to, perjury was allowed in the court against her, and me, a judgement issued against her, judge even told her she was not allowed to talk about her own mother!

Who is not allowed to talk about their own mom for crying out loud

Even judges are taking part in the cover up

They did all this because she reported her mother murdered

Judges pulling 'fast ones', this according to the Little Rock prosecutor's office (on tape)

Total coverup

People know, people know what their doing I pray they all burn for what they did and didn't do