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In memory of Joan Ellis 
Murdered April 10, 2017  by Baptist Hospital Little Rock Ar.

Arkansas stole my mother's kidney using the Arkansas Healthcare Decisions Act (March 5th 2017) Weeks later they murdered my mother to coverup the kidney theft My mother was sick but she didn't deserve to be  murdered and she did not die easy Baptist hospital tortured my mother and her family before they murdered her I was there to bring her home, had my own doctor and they murdered her I have them recorded lying, also wrote lies in my mother's medical records According to Baptist hospital, Nurse '1234' from Drew Memorial Hospital told them Dr. Tim Simon never accepted my mother to come home Dr. Tim Simon is recorded accepting my mother to come home. He said "have their people call my people". He then said he did not want to hear any conspiracy theories when we ask questions about what Baptist doctors where doing. All anyone has to do is ask him. This is only one lie of many by Baptist hospital to coverup what they did, torture, murder & organ theft after they murdered my mother the took all her organs, again I believe to coverup the kidney theft, Joan Ellis was not a donor 

I reported murder to LRPD who sent me to the Arkansas state crime lab Arkansas then sued me, committed perjury against me, wrote false stories in their papers all in their effort to coverup this crime under oath the Arkansas State Medical Examiner testified I never even reported murder!  Such open and bald face lies.. since the state is covering  it up, you have to ask, who are they covering it up for, who got the kidney who would Arkansas murder for, who was sick in 2017 - Baptist hospital: "we triple up, so they die easy"  it's all recorded - SLE  photos, video, audio, testimony -  evidence will always be there

They censor me to hide what they did (Luke 8.17)