Baptist Hospital in Little Rock Arkansas Murders

Baptist Hospital, Little Rock Arkansas stole my mother's (Joan Ellis) kidney using the Arkansas Healthcare Decisions Act of 2014
They repeatedly lied to us, all of which was recorded.  When Dr. Tim Simon agreed to accept  my mother to come home
Baptist hospital lied about him accepting her and immediately began killing my mother.  She was dead by next morning.
Baptist hospital drowned my mother to keep her from leaving, to keep their organ theft hidden
"We triple up so they die easy"    I have photos.  (Warning: Graphic murder victim)
They wanted her kidney and they took it, they wanted her dead and killed her 
Troy Wells and his doctors are liars & murderers
DOJ payed out 168 million because of the corrupted FBI covering up crimes of a university. No different here


We caught them, we recorded them, we reported them. Arkansas sued us and committed perjury against us
They covered up the murder and the report of the murder, but I still have them recorded lying murdering
After my mother's murder they stole everything from her, I carried an empty coffin to her grave

Arkansas is an organ harvesting state. Steal your organs while you're alive!  (May 24, 2024)