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The Killing of Joan Ellis

On April 7th 2017, My sister Sharon and my sister Amber went to Little Rock Police Dept and reported my mother was being killed by Baptist Hospital and their doctors. Baptist Hospital social worker was recorded on tape stating the hospital was not feeding mom, their starving her, it's why Sharon went to the police. On April 10, 2017 my sister Sharon and myself went back to Little Rock Police and reported Murder. Reported my mother was Murdered! Little Rock Police said they could not do anything because she was murdered in a hospital, Baptist Health Hospital. The police told us we needed to go to the State Crime Lab, we did, the crime lab sent us to Pulaski County Coroner Jerone Hobbs, The Hobbs for some reason gave my sister the beeper number to Frank J Peretti. Frank J Peretti then testified in court he did not know we were reporting Murder! LIAR. WHY would I want Frank J Peretti to do an autopsy on my mom if I thought she died naturally! I wouldn't and I didn't. My man did a employment drug screen on my mom! like I wanted to know if she was doing drugs! My sister called the lab. He testified he didn't even know we were reporting murder! But then testified it wasn't murder. So this means we reported murder to Little Rock police, Pulaski county sheriff, Arkansas state police, Arkansas crime lab, the Governor, Arkansas Attorney general, DHS DOJ, FBI


They ALL knew, they all did nothing

They all took part in covering up my mother's murder!

Their trying to say now we never even reported murder. Straight up bald face lies.

My mother never had a heart condition like the director of the Arkansas Organ Donor facility suggested. He's claiming he never called our family "because of mom's heart condition!!" What heart condition? It's ALL lies.

Audio: Dr. Robert Searcy, treating Joan Ellis while she was in Baptist Health SICU 3/5/2017 until her murder on 4/10/2017: Listen up....

Dr Robert Searcy, on tape, discussing Joan Ellis' health condition, just two weeks prior to her so called "natural" death from congestive heart failure, which is a lie! Mother never had congestive heart failure or any heart condition!

They can't say it wasn't murder, Nobody every investigated!

Their modifying records, altering reports

I wonder if Peretti gave Hobbs part of my mom's headstone money, he's the one who sent us to Peretti. From what I was told, the coroner is not suppose to give out names or numbers to private pathologists!, as far as I was concerned, Hobbs was giving us the number to the state medical examiner, not a private pathologist. They got some kind of scheme going on.

Arkansas Swamp

9-24-20, Facebook has Deleted Sharon Ellis' Facebook page! Facebook is covering up the truth now. The Truth is not what Facebook says it is!

I now believe the Pulaski County Coroner Jerone Hobbs colluded with state medical examiner Frank Peretti to commit fraud against our family. Hobbs is the one who gave us Frank Peretti's "Beeper Number", who then turned this into a profit from our family who were reporting MURDER! This liar Peretti, who lied in court and wrongfully sued me, stated I hired him in a private manner to do a private autopsy, that is a lie, he's claiming he did not know we were reporting murder, under oath in court!

Sharon wrote Peretti an email on April 25, 2017

Email to Peretti

Mom's organs were stolen

Sharon must have been right over the target! She discovered Baptist was INDEED looking for Mother's organs! They NOTED it in mom's medical record two days before they called a meeting to kill my mom, LIED in this meeting! Mother never had a problem with her heart! The Arkansas Organ Donor failed to contact our family before removing my mother's organs, claimed they did not contact the family "because of mom's heart condition"! Mom had no Heart condition! Their lies are catching up with them! Dr. Robert Searcy is ON TAPE stating nothing is wrong with mom's heart, her ONLY problem, is with her brain!

Another audio clip of Doctor Robert Searcy when we finally get to meet him. After trying for weeks to speak with him we finally meet him!

'Audio clip'

Such corrupt people, such a corrupt state!

Link below to an email written Sept 22, 2020 by my sister Sharon Ellis to the Arkansas State Police, Hollingsworth and the Arkansas FBI agent, Stokes!

Email to Authorities!

Looks like the murderers will get away with murder as the corrupted government

turns a blind eye, but they were caught. We caught Baptist Health and their doctors and nurses, we know, others will know

Hospitals can murder you and NOBODY will give a shit. You can even catch them doing it, record them, they can even admit it! doesn't matter.

These are soulless murderers of elderly sick vulnerable people

My mother was murdered in a hospital and nobody cared. Every single person we went to for help, thumbed their noses at us.

Even other doctors. A lawyer told me once the doctors start lying to cover for each other, it's all but impossible to do anything about it.

So people know what goes on, just a matter of catching them right!

I believe the motive behind the murder was to cover for Dr. John Busby. I believe something happened when he operated on my mom and ever since that day, they wanted my mom dead. I believe the hospital(busby) should never have operated on my mom. I believe they cut my mom, then discovered that she had a problem with her platelets, and had to sew her back up right quick, I don't know, but I do know something was not right. I believe that is why mom began having vision problems, hearing problems and headaches, the day after busby cut her on the same side. ALL recorded in her medical record, ALL right before they sent her to the 9th floor. Why would you send someone having all these problems right after a surgery out of the ICU to the 9th floor? On the 9th floor, Dr. John 'Bo' Busby committed medical negligence against my my mom, as reported by the on duty registered nurse. (Rodriguez) I'll post the record. She came to our family and informed us of medical negligence committed by Dr. John 'Bo' Busby! Baptist was going to cover it up, not tell us! But when they found out we knew, well they had ALL the answers, like leaving a person to suffer for over six(6) hours is perfectly fine, nothing wrong with medical negligence! The nurse told us she recorded the negligence it in the medical records. Of course she no longer works at Baptist Hospital. Busby left my mom to die on the 9th floor of Baptist Hospital, left her for more than SIX hours suffering from a stroke. Left her to die. He knew! Why would a 'doctor' leave a patient he just operated on, who just had a stroke, to suffer for more than 6 hours! I believe he was hoping she would die, but she didn't! Even when Busby did show up he didn't come down to check on mom, he headed in the opposite direction, this according to the same registered nurse! She said she had to grab the man and pull him into the room! I believe they never tested my mothers blood before they cut her open. Their platelet machine was broken, this is recorded in moms medical record when they had to do brain surgery on her!

Where's the blood work done on Joan Ellis prior to her Carotid Artery Surgery?

Where does it state mom is okay to even have this surgery!

Where's the Blood Work!

I even have a Baptist Health medical record document that says a Dr. Robert T. Buchanan is the man who did the operation on mom, not Dr. John Busby!

Who's Robert T Buchanan! Only Robert T Buchanan we could find in Arkansas was in Magnolia and he's never worked at Baptist Health plus he doesn't do carotid surgery, this according to his secretary when we phoned him! Today the man has fled the state. Someone needs to look into this man's financial's, I bet he was paid off.

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There he is Robert T Buchanan Surgeon! Procedure: Right Carotid Endarterectomy - LIES

The man has never even worked at Baptist Health, we called him, he's was in Magnolia, but now he fled the state. In Texas according to his office. But nonetheless, there he is in my mom's medical record, listed as the man who did her Carotid Artery Surgery. Now why would a hospital list a different doctor as the man who operated on my mom. A man who doesn't even work there!

This was no clerical error either, like the FBI would suggest, the man has never even worked there, why's he listed as the man who performed carotid artery surgery on Joan Ellis!

Tidal Volume: is the volume of air delivered to the lungs with each breath by the mechanical ventilator.

A tidal volume, according to "doctors, and medical professionals", causes INJURY, causes Barotrauma if over 1000 and they had mom's tidal volume over 1000. got it on video. Pulmonary barotrauma from invasive mechanical ventilation refers to alveolar rupture due to elevated transalveolar pressure They were intentionally injuring my mom!

Below is a photo taken on April 3, 2017, this show a normal Tidal volume! 480

A real investigator would question the pulmonary doctor about this, which would be Dr. Robert 'Bob' Searcy. Ever hear a doctor scream at the top of his lungs! The fine Dr. Robert Bob Searcy screamed at the top of his lungs when we asked him about the large swell he created on my mothers head. Screamed at the top of his lungs, informed us he went to Harvard, called security of myself and my sister, then ordered the nurse to remove the fluid causing the large swell, which he did immediately and took it away. This look normal to you.

The entire ICU was filled with their security police because we asked what this big knot oh her head was!

I believe they never even recorded this injury either.

They tried to kill my mom numerous times, and when mom would not die they murdered her! They drowned her with fluids, it was coming out of her eyes.

They murder people and get away with it. They told us as much when we tried to get mom out of that hospital. The social worker admitted on tape she knew they were starving my mom.

They would stay out of site so we could never talk with them, and when we did have question, they would call their security on us.

Here is more neglect by Baptist Hospital, they would leave mom for days.. Look at this..

This is their healthcare for people they want to die. Mother suffered multiple infections while there. Look at this neglect, dirty nasty strap rubbed a hole in her. My sister Sharon found it, not them! A hospital has the right to deny care if they feel there's no hope, but they also have the obligation to let her leave, to seek care elsewhere. Baptist Hospital denied us that right, even after multiple requests to do so. WHY

Why would they not let her leave!

Baptist Hospital got away with Murder, I'm sure it's not the first time

The State is covering up their misdeeds.

It's doesn't take much to get away with murder when nobody gives a shit or even takes the report of murder seriously.

I also believe they were defrauding medicare by letting Joan Ellis simple lay in their ICU doing nothing. Baptist even came to us and asked who was going to pay when her insurance ran out in 10 days! ..... Joan Ellis was murdered by drowning the day her insurance ran out.

A REAL investigator would investigate

A real cop would see a cover up going on

The cover up is obvious

I know what you did

God knows what you did